Apex Legends Update 10th August 2021 – Arenas Event, King Canyon Returns & Bug Fixes

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Here is what was added in the small spot on 10th August 2021 for Apex Legends..
With the brand-new season being launched for Apex Legends recently, there were bound to be some bugs in the game, however remarkably, there werent lots of problems with the servers on release. He has proven to be an excellent addition to the Apex and is really helpful for the entire group.
Peak Legends Seer Legend Season 10What remained in the Apex Legends 10th August Update?
There is a little update that was released for Apex previously today and in this upgrade Kings Canyon has actually returned in the rotation a brand-new Event has actually been included and a couple of smaller sized modifications. The Flash Event presents a brand-new set of flash difficulties for gamers to finish every week and completing these challenges will award you with different prizes, as seen below:.
Peak Legends Flash EventThe Prowler was taken out of the Care Package this season and can now be found in flooring loot but there is no longer an alternative to alter from burst to automated and can now just be used in the burst mode. In the update that simply took , the Prowler has been nerfed once again and now instead of dealing 15 damage, it now deals 14.
Peak Legends ProwlerRespawn have actually also lowered the speed while ADSing (Aiming Down Sight) with the L-Star. Both the Prowler and the L-Star are now more expensive to purchase in the Arena with them now costing 500 materials each. There were some bugs with Seers capabilities, however these issues have been repaired in this update. There was likewise a hole in the map near Climatizer, which has now been covered and a script mistake that was sometimes activated by an interaction between Fuses ult and Wattsons ult.
Apex Legends Climatizer.

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