Ariana Grande in Fortnite Location & Quests / Challenges

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Here’s where to find the Ariana Grande NPC in along with all of her quests / challenges.

released the v18.21 update yesterday. A new POI was added along with the second phase of Fortnitemares 2021. Players can complete Fortnitemares quests in order to unlock free cosmetic rewards including a wrap and pickaxe.

With the release of the Fortnitemares quests, other quests were released including the Ghost Busters Afterlife and Ariana Grade Monster Hunter quests. In order to complete the Ariana Grade challenges, you’ll need to find and talk to her. Here’s where Ariana Grande is in Fortnite and all of the quests available.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Quests / Challenges

Here are all of the Monster Hunter Ariana Grande challenges:

  • Launch Signal Flares (3)
  • Collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters (5)
  • Study the Caretaker’s footprints (2)
  • Collect a record and place in a turntable (2)
  • Reveal the Command Symbol (1)

Where is Space Ariana Grande in Fortnite?

In order to begin the quests, you’ll need to find and talk to Ariana to reveal the first quest. Ariana was added as an NPC in Tuesday’s update, so players might not know where to find her on the Fortnite map.

You can find her on the north side of Believer Beach on the dock. She’ll wonder around but here’s where you should find her on the map:

Ariana Grande Fortnite LocationAriana Grande Fortnite Location
Ariana Grande Fortnite Location

Simply interact with her and you’ll have the option to get a quest. Once you do this, you can begin completing the challenges. We’ll be releasing guides on some of her challenges to you complete them if you haven’t done so yet. Stay tuned and be sure to check back here and we’ll link the guides to the quests listed above.

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