Fortnite: How and Where to Shut Down Power To Radar Dishes

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Here is how to shut down power to the radar meals in for the Week 14 Legendary Challenge.
We are now in the last week of , with completion of season occasion occurring at the end of the season live in-game on the 12th September. You have a couple of days in which you can finish the Week 14 Legendary Challenge which has six various stages.
One of the phases you will require to finish for today is to shut down the power to radar meals and in order to finish the challenge, you need to shut down the power to 2 of the dishes. We will show you how and where to finish this obstacle.
Radar DishHow to Shut Down Power To Radar Dishes in
Radar meals have actually been in the game because the beginning of the season and can be quickly spotted when you are jumping from the Battle Bus as they have a traffic signal emitting from the top. Here is a map which reveals all 7 locations of the meals.
Fortnite Radar Dish Map LocationSince the obstacles have actually gone live, you will see there is a power supply you can see at the base of where the radar dishes are situated, as seen in the image below. In order to finish the challenge, all you have to do is engage with it.
Fortnite Shut Down Power To Radar DishesYou will require to shut of the supply to two dishes and the simplest and quickest method to do that will either be to land at one dish, get a car and then travel to the closest one or you could just land at one area, turned off the supply and after that leave and get into another match and land at a various radar meal . You will be awarded with an easy 30,000 XP once you have actually completed the difficulty.

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