Fortnite Mole location: Where to confront the Mole in season 7

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Heres the locations of where you can find and confront the mole for chapter 2 season 7 week 14.
Were less than a week far from the brand-new season of Completion of season 7 occasion happens today on Sunday and theres likely going to be downtime after the event until chapter 2 season 8 launches on Monday.
Until then, we have new difficulties to finish for week 14 of season 7. Among the famous challenges need gamers to challenge the mole. The last couple of weeks of famous quests are connected to the story, and today is no various.
Sky Fire EventThe description for the face the mole obstacle is, “Find Maven. Face her. Ensure she understands her duplicity has repercussions. There is no room at the IO for traitors. Maven will soon find out that. I hope you remember it, too”.
Heres a guide on how to finish the difficulty.
Mole in Fortnite.
As distributed by the description of the obstacle, the IO mole is Maven. Maven can be found in the same place shes been all season. Maven is located at the satellite meal thats south east of Craggy Cliffs. Youll typically find her in the structure on the north side near the whiteboard.
Heres the map place of the Mole in Fortnite:
Where to find the Mole in FortniteYoull be rewarded with 30,000 XP for finishing this difficulty. Theres likewise another Mole famous mission this week which well cover how to complete in a separate guide. Remember, youll only have a few days to finish these obstacles with the season ending on Sunday after the occasion has actually concluded.
Theres also the Island challenges to complete thatll offer you with a bunch of XP if youre still attempting to hit a specific level in season 7.

Up until then, we have new obstacles to complete for week 14 of season 7. Fortnite Sky Fire EventThe description for the confront the mole challenge is, “Find Maven. Maven can be discovered in the exact same shes been all season. Keep in mind, youll just have a couple of days to finish these challenges with the season ending on Sunday after the event has concluded.

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