Fortnite Season 7, Week 14 Legendary Challenge Guide

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Here are all of the stages for the final week of the Legendary Challenges.
We are now in the last week of , which suggests there isnt much time left for you to earn as numerous Battle Stars as possible to unlock the various cosmetics from the Battle Pass. The best method to make more Battle Stars is by completing the challenges as you will earn some simple XP, particularly if you follow our guides which makes it simpler and quicker to finish them all.
The Legendary Challenge for the last week of Season 7 is releasing today at 3pm BST and there is less time to complete it as the season is pertaining to an end. This challenge has 6 phases to it, so there is an additional 15,000 XP for just going to a Payphone in order to get Slones orders. You can see all of the stages listed below.
Payphone LocationFortnite Week 14 Legendary Challenge
Here are all of the stages of the Week 14 Legendary Challenge you need to finish for :
Fortnite Warn Characters of Impending DoomAs normal, you can click the phases that are in strong and highlighted above in order to find an in-depth guide on how to complete it. For this week, we have actually developed a guide on how to complete all of the phases, apart from the caution Characters of impending doom as all you need to do to complete this phase is to go to various NPCs and connect with them. You will be provided an alternative to warn character, and when you have actually done this to 3 various characters, you will be granted with 45,000 XP.
Spoil the Moles Sabotage AttemptThere isnt long left to finish the challenges for this season, so make sure you complete them as soon as possible to get the rewards from the Season 7 Fortnite Battle Pass. The live event will be occurring on the 12th of September, so you have till then. Excellent luck!

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