Rainbow Ink In Fortnite – What is it, where to find it, and what it is used for (Spawn Locations)

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Heres whatever you require to learn Rainbow Ink in chapter 2 season 8.
Alien Artifacts were added in season 7. They needed to be collected in order to open different adjustable options for Kymera. Each week, new artifacts were contributed to the map, with most weeks including 5 new artifacts.
Artifacts have actually been replaced with two different items in season 8, Color Bottles and Rainbow Ink. Both of these requirement to be found and gathered in order to unlock edit styles for the Toona Fish Battle Pass skin.
Toona Fish FortniteWe have actually an article committed to Color Bottles in , but its time to dive in much deeper on the Rainbow Ink collectable this season. Heres whatever you need to understand them.
What is Rainbow Ink and What is it Used For in Fortnite?
Rainbow Ink is utilized to open different styles for the Toona Fish Battle Pass skin. The Color Bottles are used to open the first set of designs, from there on, the Rainbow Ink opens the character styles and future designs that will be included the next major upgrade.
Where to find Fortnite Rainbow Ink (Spawn Locations).
Unlike Alien Artifacts from this season and the Color Bottles this season, there are not set spawn places where youll be able to collect and find Rainbow Ink. Youll likely stumble upon the ink without even trying as you can discover it from any chest.
Rainbow Ink FortniteObviously, theres not a 100% chance that youll get Rainbow Ink from a chest, so youll require to find and open as many chests as you can in order to get your hands on ink. Were not specific, however were presuming youll have an ensured or much better chance of getting Ink from the New or cosmic cube chests.

Alien Artifacts were included in season 7. They required to be collected in order to open different adjustable alternatives for Kymera. Each week, brand-new artifacts were included to the map, with the majority of weeks adding five brand-new artifacts.

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