Reveal the Command Symbol Fortnite Location

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Here’s the where players can the command symbol in Fortnite.

With the release of the v18.21 update, Epic Games added in Ariana Grande Monster Hunter and Ghost Buster: Afterlife quests. The challenges we’ve seen release so far this season have been the most mundane challenges we’ve ever seen.

Epic Games are too busy lining up the next collaboration instead of putting some time into their challenge system. In the process of changing the challenge system again and making it even easier to complete quests, Epic have killed off the Fortnite guide industry.

How to Reveal the Command Symbol FortniteHow to Reveal the Command Symbol Fortnite
How to the Command Symbol Fortnite

Thankfully, we have some interesting quests added with the release of the Monster Hunter and Ghost Buster challenges. One of them requires players to reveal the command symbol. Here’s how and where you can complete this challenge.

How to Reveal the Command Symbol in Fortnite

If you’re wondering where to reveal the command symbol in Fortnite, you’ll find need to know where the command symbol is. Head to the marked below:

Command Symbol Fortnite Map LocationCommand Symbol Fortnite Map Location
Command Symbol Fortnite Map

Once you drop here, you’ll notice there’s a purple floating objects along with three different hologram poles. When you get close to one, it will reveal an action that you’ll need to perform.

Complete the action at all three of the locations that surround the purple hologram in the middle in order to reveal the command symbol. We’re not sure if these actions are different for each player but one of them requires players to do two different emotes whilst one of them required players to swing their pickaxe.

As soon as these three actions were completed, players will have successfully completed the reveal the command symbol quest. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to complete this challenge. However, you’ll need to be careful of other players trying to complete this challenge.

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