Where to Place Warning Signs in Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 week 14

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Here are the locations where you can place and find indication for the week 14 Legendary obstacles.
chapter 2 season 7 concludes on Sunday once the Operation Sky Fire event ends. We still have brand-new difficulties to finish today with Legendary quests launching today followed by Epic missions tomorrow.
Gamers only have up until Sunday to complete these obstacles along with all the other difficulties that have actually launched this season including the island video games challenges thatll assist you level up quicker.
Sky Fire EventOne of the new Legendary quests in week 14 needs players to put indication. This ties into the storyline and the Sky Fire event. The description for the challenge is:
The crash will trigger security damage. Heres a guide on the places where you can place warning indications in season 7.
Indication Locations
In order to complete this difficulty, youll need to place a total of four indication. As were composing this guide prior to the difficulty being launched, were uncertain of all the areas where you can finish this obstacle.
We do understand there are 3 places where you can complete this difficulty in Pleasant Park. Youll see an outline of the warning sign.
Warning Signs FortniteYoull find another one beside the reboot van and in front of the yellow house thats beside the filling station:

The corner house beside filling station has another cautioning sign hologram that youll discover at the back of your house behind the fence.

If you head to Dirty Docks, theres a few more caution indications. Among them is located outside among the factories beside the forklift.

Theres another one outside the factory that has graffiti on it near the reboot van.

Fortnite Sky Fire EventOne of the brand-new Legendary missions in week 14 needs gamers to position warning indications. Heres a guide on the places where you can position caution signs in season 7.
We do understand there are three locations where you can complete this challenge in Pleasant Park. Youll see an outline of the caution sign.

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